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We've been on TV! We were also interviewed at the Scarborough Dance Festival by the lovely folks from Scarborough TV. See the programme clip here.

Celebrating Decades of Dance Holidays - the Holiday and Dance Picture Album!

The Stylianos While we're very much a dance holiday company with an eye on a fresh, modern approach to dancing we do have a history that takes us back a fair number of years! Looking through our archives, we've come across some interesting pictures that we thought would give you a smile. Those of you who weren't yet born in the era of Strictly Ballroom may find themselves thanking their lucky stars! That said, whether 20 years ago or in these heady days following the explosion of Ballroom and Latin dancing from shows like Strictly Come Dancing, all our holidays offer a fabulous experience for all dancers - from those just beginning to keen social dancers and avid competitive dancers.

If you have a story or pictures (electronic versions only please) from any of our three decades at the Riviera Dance Festival, or from any of our dance holiidays, we'd love to hear from you. Send it in an email to Holiday and Dance and we'll post it in our Holiday and Dance Diary. Do you recognise yourself in any of these pictures from previous Festivals and Holidays?

Dancing Stars - Dancing Memories at the Riviera Dance Festival in Torquay

We've had the enormous pleasure of working with some of the world's most eminent dance champions at many of our events and holidays, none more so than the English Riviera Dance Festival in Torquay. Over the decades, this wonderful dance festival has played host to many stars of the dance world, you may recognise a few of the names here from past and present!

Michael and Vicky Barr

Alan and Hazel Fletcher

David Sycamore and Denise Weavers

Hans and Anne Laxholm

Marcus and Karen Hilton

John Wood and Anne Lewis

The Boyces Richard and Els Porter

Luca and Loraine Baricchi

Augusto Schiavo and Caterina Arzenton

Goran and Nicola Nordin

Christopher Hawkins and Hazel Newberry

Alan and Donna Shingler

Jonathan Wilkins and Katusha Demidova

Andy and Kelly Kanz

Warren and Kristi Boyce

Vincent Simone and Flavia Cacace

Evgenii Smagin and Rachael Heron

Ian Waite and Camilla Dallerup

Sammy Stopford and Barbara McCall

Timothy Howson and Joanne Bolton

The Beacon Wheelchair Dance Group in Torquay Town Hall
 The Beacon Wheelchair Dance Group at Torquay Town Hall
A Decadent Cabaret, Torquay
 A decadent cabaret held at one of our '90's Festivals! Recognise anyone here?
The most balloons wins, Torquay
 The most balloons wins at the Festival! Anyone know who walked away with the prize?
Socail Dancing in the Warwick Ballroom at the Victoria Hotel
 Social Dancers take their partners in the Warwick Ballroom, Torquay


Social Dancing in Torquay Town Hall
 Dancing at Torquay Town Hall
The Widest Girth competition, Torquay
 The Widest Girth Competition - who won this one then??
Team Match at the English Riviera Festival, Torquay
 Team Match - English Riviera Festival
Dancing at the Colosseum, Watford
Dancing at the Colosseum, Watford


A damp Barn Dance, Sandford

A damp barn dance at Sandford in the 90's

Dancers at the Coastline Hotel, Malta

 Dancers at the Coastline Hotel, Malta
 Learn and Improve Session at the Ocean Ballroom, Scarborough
 Learn and Improve Session at the Ocean Ballroom, Scarborough

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