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Dancesport Competitions and Competitors

Holiday and Dance extend a welcome to all dancers and invite you all to take part in our wonderful competitions. Every Holiday and Dance Dancesport Competition is expertly organised and managed.

If you've never competed before, these competitions are a great way to start - it's fun, and friendly; you can expect support and help from dancers and organisers alike. You'll see some of the best dancers in the world from both the amateur and professional world. Not dancing? Come and watch, give your support and cheer on your favourites. A competition day is a wonderful day out - inspiring, fun and engaging.

For those who have not competed before, maybe a Social Dancer or Medallist, it is worth knowing that many events are suitable for early stage dancers.

What are the Grades all About?

The grade called Social Dancer allows you to compete without having to register with the British Dance Council (BDC). Any dress outfit other than competition clothing can be worn and any steps/choreography can be used.

Usually the grade that would follow Social would be Beginner grade where there is a limitation of choreography to approved basic steps. Again you do not have to register with the BDC and there is a dress limitation.

Following this grade would be the Novice grade where you do have to be registered with the BDC, you have the choice of lounge or competition dress but your choreography is still limited to basic figures. It is recommended that contact is made with the BDC through their website (www.british-dance-council.org) who can provide details of registration, steps/choreography, together with rules and guidance on competition clothing.

For early stage competitors there are worthwhile training programmes plus suitable competitions at our festivals in Scarborough and Torquay.

For those Who Compete

We offer a full programme for all grades and ages and are proud that we have the rights to present the Open to the World English Championships together with the United Kingdom Over 50 Championships.

Enjoy Competition Dancing

Enjoyment not only for competitors but also for spectators. Many Holiday & Dance events provide excitement and glamour to audiences nationwide. In addition to the above competitions there are special Holiday & Dance packages to Bournemouth for the National and International United Kingdom Championships.

For more information about competitions and programmes, please email us This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call +44 (0)1895 632143.

Upcoming Events:

38th English Riviera Dance Festival
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Holiday & Dance Special!

Dancing in the Dales

Venue: Newfield Hall, Malhamdale
22 - 25 May 2020

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Holiday & Dance Special!

38th English Riviera International Dance Festival

Venue: Victoria Hotel, Torquay
31st May - 3rd June 2020

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The Peak District
20th - 23rd March, 2020
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The Western Highlands
3rd - 6th April, 2020
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The Shropshire Hills
14th – 17th August, 2020
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